A software person

Blog posts on Medium


  • Extreme Programming (XP Y'ALL!)
  • Test Driven Development (TDD FO SHO)
  • Pair programming and mentoring (U TYP I TYP)
  • Kubernetes (EVERY1 NEED)
  • Cloud Foundry (IT LIVE)
  • Elixir (PROB BEST!!)
  • Ruby (BORING)
  • JavaScript / TypeScript (BUT RLY USE LIVEVIEW K)
  • Objective-C (ERM)

I enjoy learning programming languages, especially interesting ones like Idris. I’ve written production code in a few more languages than the above - I’ve hidden the ones I don’t want to work in anymore!

Current role

Software grouch at Ignition Works after a recent stint as a contractor. We do platform stuff for a big bank.

Addicted to

Tetris, stringy instruments, 🚲 bikey wikeys.