CV / +447864303876


University of Cambridge

BA, Philosophy, 2:2

Oct 2002 to Jul 2005

Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan

A Level, Computing, A

Sep 1995 to Jul 2001

  1. Experience

    Software and Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

    Ignition Works (remote / London, Jan 2022 to present)

    Maintaining and developing cloud infrastructure for a major retail bank. Ruby, Kotlin, Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes.

  2. Software Engineer (contract)

    Geometer (remote, Oct 2021 to Jan 2022)

    Elixir (Phoenix) and TypeScript development. GCP/GKE infrastructure defined in TypeScript using Pulumi. CI/CD with GitHub Actions. Programmatic interaction with Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU) software for development of video conferencing software (WebRTC).

  3. DevOps Consultant (contract)

    Boclips (remote / London, Jul 2018 to Oct 2021)

    Modernising how Boclips deploys and runs software in the cloud, migrating from AWS EC2 deployments to Kubernetes on GKE.

    Introducing unified monitoring and logging systems and practices. Improving security of infrastructure, including credential management. Knowledge sharing through pair programming.

  4. WebOps Engineer (contract)

    Government Digital Services (London, Oct 2017 to Mar 2018)

    Developing and operating the UK Government Platform as a Service, based on Cloud Foundry.

    Apps, service brokers, scripts and monitoring in Go, Ruby and BASH. TDD, pairing.

  5. Senior Software Engineer

    Pivotal (London / San Francisco, Jan 2012 to Oct 2017)

    TDD, pairing and mentoring. Remote and local. Interviewing candidates at all stages.

    Product teams: On Demand Services for Cloud Foundry, Cloud Operations, RabbitMQ core team, Pivotal Web Services, Cloud Foundry CLI, docs tooling, CF services.

    2012-2014: Consulting and leading teams for household-name clients and smaller startups.

    Ruby, JavaScript, Go, Objective-C, Swift, Erlang, Clojure, Haskell.

    Ran a weekly discussion group for SF Bay Area engineers for one year.

  6. Software Engineer (freelance)

    Superhug (Brighton, Feb 2010 to Dec 2011)

    A Rails-based e-commerce site (offline). Full-stack devops using Chef and AWS.

  7. Software Engineer (contract)

    Friday (London, Mar 2011 to Jun 2011)

    Prototype version of Patchwork for Friday’s client FutureGov. Software to enable care workers to raise alarms about their clients.

    Full-stack Rails development. Assistance deploying to council web servers.

  8. Software Engineer (contract)

    BBC (London, Oct 2008 to Feb 2010)

    Ruby, Rails, PHP, Zend Framework, Perl. Pair programming, TDD. Primary software developer of initial version of BBC Introducing Rails management tool.

  9. Software Engineer (contract)

    Learning and Skills Council (Coventry, May 2008 to Sep 2008)

    Rails prototype for a government website called “Skills Accounts”.

    The Learning and Skills Council was a UK government quango. It was closed in March 2010.

  10. Software Developer

    YOUhome (London, Jul 2007 to May 2008)

    Rails, Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.

  11. Projects Team Leader

    ServerChoice (London, Apr 2006 to Jun 2007)

    TDD and pairing. Generic ordering system for multiple Rails sites. Use of Rails engines (the first version), JavaScript, Prototype.js, jQuery, Leading a Scrum / XP team.

    Promoted to Projects Team Leader December 2006.

  12. Web and Software Developer

    The ITC (Abergele, Oct 2005 to Apr 2006)

    LAMP application development.