A software developer

This is Andrew's personal web site. It contains boring information about Andrew.

This is what Andrew looks like when he eats.


I like computers. I got into computers, and later the web, at an early age (Amiga generation). Naturally, this led me to apply to study Philosophy at university.

Instead of studying that, however, I spent most of my 'self-study' time making hate sites about my friends in PHP.

But don't worry: I got out. After a short stint as a PHP developer, I began test-driving Ruby applications in an XP environment in 2006 at ServerChoice.

Since then I've put in over four years of test-driven, pair-programmed work and another four years as a solo, TDDing contractor.

I worked on and off for BBC radio on their Introducing Uploader project. Alas, some of that involved PHP.

I worked as a consultant for two and a half years at Pivotal Labs in San Francisco, working on seven projects. I anchored, or led, three of these teams.

I wrote some Objective-C for iOS there, but mostly Ruby, JavaScript and CSS.

In 2014, our family returned to the UK for various reasons, not least of which was the US immigration system, which is stupid.

Current role

I'm now employed as a Software Engineer for Pivotal Cloud Foundry


I've become very interested in working with functional languages, and Clojure in particular.

This site (except the blog) is open-source and written in Clojure.

In case you're wondering, the websites I get paid for don't look like this.

I live on a boat in Hackney, London.